Do you care about the future of your family?

Do we care about our children and grandchildren enough? Do we think about the future of our families?

We human beings are hard wired to develop, individually and as a group. Everyday, and every generation, we strive to advance our technologies and improve our lives. For some countries that means faster internet, and others it means to be light ones house, have clean water and feed ones family. With each generation’s need to enhance its life, our energy usage increases, more CO2 gets pumped into the atmosphere, and our world comes closer and closer to the point of no return.


Our energy usage will not reduce, but we strive to develop without thinking about the consequences for our Grandchildren and their grandchildren. Our actions will directly effect our families to come. Droughts and floods will cause massive displacement of people and food shortages and the gap between the rich and poor will widen. The lives of our future families will be drastically more challenging than ours if we do not take action now. The technology has been developed for us to make a difference individually and collectively. But, we need to prove that we care for our families of the future, by sacrificing for them.

This campaign enables you to take a first step to invest in the future of your family. You will need to take more steps to ensure their future, but the first step is always the most important. To take that step, back our campaign to remove 100 tons of CO2 out of the air, and store it away forever!

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