What does 100 tons of CO2 really mean?

With your help, we aim to remove 100 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. If you take a look at our crowdfunding page on WeMakeIt.com, you will notice that there are various different option for you to pledge. But what do they actually mean? What does 100 tons of CO2 equate to? Below you can find out exactly what difference your pledge will make.




2 kgs – A 13 watt CFF light bulb turned on for 3.21 days continuously




20kgs – a 42 inch LCD TV could be used for 4.99 days continuously




100 kgs – 143 kgs of typical rubbish going to landfill or being incinerated




200 kgs – 0.07 tons of coal burnt for electricity






1000 kgs –  A persons individual CO2 burden over 12 hours and 56 minutes on a 747




2000 kgs – An average car being driven for 3.24 days non stop



100 tons – The average energy usage of a house over 7.69 years



Every Kilogram of CO2 we remove from the atmosphere can make a difference to our individual burden on the Earth’s climate. With just 1 dollar you can remove 2 Kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. Together we can make a change! We just have to put the Planet First and #SuckItUp

To make a CO2 pledge please click here. It will just take a few minutes!


Thanks to www.yousustain.com for all the information!


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