Is Trump’s decision actually a positive for the Paris Agreement?

Ok, so Donald Trump has decided to pull the USA out of the Paris agreement. Why? Well, he thinks that the agreement is unfair on his country, and with his pledge to put “America first”, he simply couldn’t remain part of a deal that impacted on his ability to pump carbon into the air at will. He was concerned about how much money the USA would have to put into the “Green Fund” (It is actually the Green Climate Fund, Mr Trump), they have currently injected $1 billion of a $3 billion pledge, and also about the ability of others to scale up their coal power production whilst, America has to scale it down. (There is no mention of coal in the Paris Agreement).


More hot air from President Trump

The world has been shocked by Trump’s decision, and world leaders, business leaders and ordinary people have all condemned the decision. But is America leaving the Paris Agreement such a big problem. The initial worry that the domino effect would set in, and other major countries would also leave has been proven wrong. If anything it has bolstered international relations between every continent. China and Europe now have common ground and look to fight climate change together and even individual American States are seeking to sign up to the Paris agreement.

During the Kyoto protocol, Europe was able to take the lead in order to keep it going when the US dropped out in 2001. This may give way to Europe and China, or another major power joining forces to keep the momentum of the Paris agreement going.

There also are other reasons for optimism. The Paris Agreement is a non-binding agreement. There are no punishments, other than shame, for not meeting your individual goals, pledged within the agreement. America pledged to reduce emissions by 26-28% from 2005 levels by 2025. It is quite unlikely that this would have been met, even if the USA carried on with Obama’s policies such as the Clean Power Plan. Trump is backing out of those policies also, and looks set to actually increase emissions. If the USA fails to meet its target, and it remains in the Paris agreement, then it reduces the motivation of other nations to fight to meet theirs.

The US within the agreement, can be more disruptive than the US out of the agreement. We have already seen Trump suggest that the US will try and renegotiate terms to be more favourable to America. If they remain as members of the Paris agreement, they have a veto. Currently, what is being termed the “Paris Rulebook” is being negotiated, with hopes that it will be brought into fruition in 2018. The rulebook will give details on exactly how the agreement will be fulfilled. With the US in the agreement, they can use their strength as a member to delay negotiations, weaken the rules, or even simple veto it, leading to confusion and disarray within the agreement.

If we have learnt one thing about the world after Trump’s decision is that Earth’s citizens are rising up in support of action against climate change. We are seeking for ways in which we can make a difference to climate change. There are methods out there, which we can all be part of. Recycling, car pooling, even turning the lights off when we leave a room. These are all methods of reducing emissions, but there are also ways of reversing emissions!

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Source:- World Economic Forum

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