Crowdfunding: Now YOU can suck CO2 out of the air!

We promised you a chance to be part of history and suck 100 tons of CO2 and now we are giving it to you! Today, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on WeMakeIt so that you, citizens of the Earth, can join hands and remove 100 tons of CO2 from the air and store it safely underground using Climeworks technology!

So, how can you help? It is simple really! Go to our WeMakeIt page, and decide how much CO2 you would like to remove from the air. The options range from the ‘Planet Citizen’ $1 for 2 Kg of CO2 removed from the air, to the ‘Planet Hero’ $1000 for 2000 Kg of CO2 removed from the air. You can also choose to remove 10 Kg, 100 Kg, or 200 Kg of CO2 from the air.

For those of you who decide to support this project and be part of saving our climate, your names will be engraved on a memorial stone at the site where the CO2 is buried safely deep underground.

This is a chance for you to stand up and prove that citizens of Earth can make a difference. There is no need for us to rely on, or wait on politicians and governments to save our climate. We can support the fight against climate change and change the world ourselves!

To donate, please go to our page here!

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